[Mailman-Users] Next: newlist admin passwords not working?

Paul D. Smith pausmith at nortelnetworks.com
Tue Feb 20 08:24:41 CET 2001

OK, having solved my URL problem my next problem is this:

I run newlist to create a new list, like this:

  newlist funkylist psmith at my.domain.com ad694baaec72c9df

so that my initial list password is "ad694baaec72c9df" (this is actually
the md5 sum of some random data I have).

When I get my email that the list has been created, this is the password
it shows me.

But, when I go to the admin page and try to login using that password (I
cut/paste from Emacs to Netscape it so I know it's right), I always get
"Authentication failed".

I have to log in with the site password and change the list password
that way.

Is there some limitation or restriction on the length or contents of the
password, than I'm not following?

If not, how can I tell what might be wrong here; where should I look?
Where is the password kept (in the config.db)?  Is there any way I can
dump that info to a file to check it out?

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