[Mailman-Users] Next: newlist admin passwords not working?

Christopher P. Lindsey lindsey at mallorn.com
Tue Feb 20 09:49:30 CET 2001

> I ran into some problems a while back where the Web server didn't have 
> the Python crypt module installed, but the mail server did.  The upshot
> was that Mailman used crypt() to create passwords on the mail server, 
> but then couldn't authenticate against them on the Web server.  :)

Actually, that's not quite right.  Sorry.  :)  But it might still be

The problem that I had was that both servers were running RedHat 4.2, which
had python sans the crypt module.  Even though USE_CRYPT was set to 1 in
mm_cfg.py, it wouldn't work since the module wasn't there.

Once I upgraded one of the servers to RedHat 6.2 (which did have the
crypt module) Mailman started trying to use crypt() against passwords
that had previously been generated without (because USE_CRYPT was set).

Changing USE_CRYPT to 0 solved the problem (and I personally feel that
this should be the default given the problems that this can cause).


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