[Mailman-Users] Unwanted Body Content

Teo de Hesselle teo.dehesselle at uts.edu.au
Thu Feb 22 00:51:44 CET 2001

Dan Mick wrote:
> > Why
> > should they have to reconfigure their email client which they use
> > happily with hundreds of people, where MIME is a blessing,
> It's a wart on email, and needs to be stopped.
> > in order to
> > meet the needs of one mailing list they happen to be a member of?
> To use the Internet mail service the way it was intended to be used?...
> Yes, I'm aware this is a religious war.

At the risk of making this a 'me too' email, I agree entirely with
everything that Dan has said, however I also agree that it'd be great if
mailman could automatically whack the silly html etc that these MS
loving point and drool lusers insist on adding to a perfectly good text

Téo de Hesselle
Email Administrator

Information Technology Division
University of Technology, Sydney

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