[Mailman-Users] bi-lingual mailing list w/ automatic translation?

Jim Trigg jtrigg at huiekin.org
Fri Jan 12 04:56:10 CET 2001

At 06:15 AM 1/11/01, Bud P. Bruegger wrote:
>I'm currently running a bi-lingual mailing list (English and French) using 
>mailman and was wondering whether anyone has experience/ideas on how one 
>could go about automatic translation.  Vaguely, I thought to run two 
>lists, one for each language.  Both lists would subscribe to each other, 
>just that messages are translated in between by GPL Trans...  (Not ideal 
>since it wouldn't easily handle mixed language messges).  Any ideas?

Create an additional email account "list-trans".  Subscribe it to both 
lists, and configure procmail such that any message received from list A is 
run through GPL Trans and sent to list B, and vice versa.

Jim Trigg

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