[Mailman-Users] moved mailman to new server, gid problems...

Matt Thoene matt at thoene.net
Wed Jan 24 05:08:35 CET 2001

::> I've moved mailman to my new server by copying all contents of
::> /home/mailman.  I'm now getting a mailman cgi error stating that "The
::> expected gid of the Mailman CGI wrapper did not match the gid
::as set by the
::> Web server".  I know what this means but I'm wondering if it's fixable
::> without having to re-install MailMan.  If I do have to re-install, is it
::> possible to upload the mailman info from one server to the other?
::I've repeatedly rebuilt Mailman from source and installed it over
::the top of my existing /home/mailman without problems.  (the
::list-specific info is all in lists/ and archives/, and those
::directories aren't touched by make install.)
::This is what all of the instructions about "upgrading" Mailman
::are for.

Thanks Dan but why would I look to "upgrading" instructions when this really
isn't what I was doing?  I literally saved my entire /home/mailman directory
(recursively of course), blasted the machine with an entirely new Linux
distribution, and copied the /home/mailman directory and it's contents back
over.  I then re-installed MailMan.  This wasn't really an upgrade so I
didn't think to look at the upgrade instructions for help.  I will now.



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