[Mailman-Users] base url dead end

Marcel Kunath kunathma at pilot.msu.edu
Sun Jan 28 05:26:55 CET 2001


I got a problem with Mailman. I had a list set up everything works fine. Then I
did something stupid.

I went to General Options and changed:

Base URL for Mailman web interface.





I submitted changes and it accepted. I then tried to change it back but now the
path of mailman is wrong. Now due to the path being wrong the submission
process to reverse the change doesn't work anymore either, of course. This is a
dead end and I am caught in it.

I think this could be considered a bug and Mailman should prevent Admins from
entering a base URL which destroys their ability to administer the lists.

How do I get the old base URL back???



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