[Mailman-Users] qrunner locking

J.D. Bronson lists at xpec.com
Sat Jul 7 15:27:26 CEST 2001

Hmmm....I am looking for a once-and-for-all fix on this.

I have read the archives and no one has completely fixed this!

I run mailman 2.0.5 and use the newsTOmail setup quite extensively.
We processed a tremendous amount of mail yesterday w/o any errors...until 
this AM that is...

Jul 07 08:17:03 2001 (3303) Could not acquire qrunner lock

so, I turned on lock debugging:
Jul 07 08:17:02 2001 (3286) dogs-behavior.lock unlocked
Jul 07 08:17:03 2001 (3286) dogs-behavior.lock laying claim
Jul 07 08:17:03 2001 (3286) dogs-behavior.lock got the lock
Jul 07 08:17:03 2001 (3286) dogs-behavior.lock unlocked

..I dont see what qrunner is complaining about!

I have installed with all the defaults. crontab entries are full default 
with gate_news polling every 5mins and qrunner each 1min.

I tried a new install with the latest work-in-progress and that made this 
issue tremendously worse!

Mail seems to be delivered fine and nothing is left in ~/qfiles - so I 
think I am correct on that.

Help? - I ran clean all day yesterday and processed over 3500 postings, but 
today (early saturday) when it rather slow....I get errors!


J.D. Bronson
Aurora Health Care
Information Systems
Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
Main Office: 414.978.8282

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