[Mailman-Users] AMANDA

Karl Carlile dagda at eircom.net
Tue Jul 10 13:36:13 CEST 2001

Amanda thanks very much for your advice. I have done what you said. It is 
making sense. The xterm is the appropriate platform. It is best to think in 
xterm terms instead of gui terms --maybe a bad microsoft habit.

Now to my problem. 

I downloaded the file from the website. Everything went fine. I extracted the 
file and everything went fine. I have carefully read the instructions. Now I 
proceeded to configure using the commands offered by the instructions. 
Everything seemed to go fine. A stream of information came up on the screen. 
But then it said that that installation directory /home/mailman is not 
configured properly.
checking permissions on /home/mailman ... configure: error:
Then are five starts followed by Set-gid bit must set for directory: 
FIve stars followed by Permissions should be at least 02775: /home/mailman
This is followed by the prompt  [mailman at localhost mailman-2.0.5]$

I would like to know how to set set-gid bit for directory etc.


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