[Mailman-Users] Using Mailman with Exim - Dial UP

Henning Hülsebusch h.huelsebusch at nwn.de
Wed Jul 11 19:02:20 CEST 2001

I want to change my MTA..
At this moment, I use sendmail with Dial-Up. When a list-member wants to post 
to a list, he sends the mail to an POP-Account, my server dials up, fetches 
the posting (with fetchmail) and transfers it to mailman:
poll ISP
proto pop3
user is mailinglist-name here
pass secret ;)

So I can use my mailman great with an Dial-Up. But now I want to change my 

What to do for Using Mailman with EXIM-Dial-UP ? (like I used it with 
Sendmail). Can you describe me a step-by-step - mini-HowTO ?

Thanks a lot!


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