[Mailman-Users] Upgrading from 2.0b5 to 2.1a2

Jose A. Accino jaccino at ieev.uma.es
Thu Jul 19 14:27:07 CEST 2001


Is there any clean way to make a smooth upgrade from 2.0b5 to
lates 2.1a2? (I'm making that just to check the upgrade process,
using a spare machine and a copy of the actual lists).

Making a 2.1a2 fresh installation (without lists) runs fine.
However, I've been unable to upgrade the old lists. Here are the
main points:

- The old lists were using /home/mailman as base directory. Just
to follow the new standard location, I copied them (using tar) to

- Installing latest Mailman over that directory crash just after
the "version" message, while it seems to be creating links to
archives. This problem doesn't occur if I keep using /home/mailman.
So, it seems to be related with the paths stored on Defaults.py

- I've been trying to move first all lists to /usr/local/mailman,
but no luck: editing Defaults.py, using move_list, config_list, and
even a little script I found on the archives, based on withlist, all
these fail to actually change the config.db file of each list (no
error messages other than the "DeprecationWarning"...). I'm making
these changes as 'mailman' user and I've double-checked all permissions.

So, any clues/ideas about an efective way to move all lists to another

- Well, even keeping the old base directory there is another problem
yet: I'm not sure about how to deal with mailman aliases file. Calling
'newlist' tells me -as usual- about to add the new list aliases to
/etc/aliases file. However, following the "http:<my-server>/create"
route, the aliases -and the new "join" and "leave"- are automatically
added to $prefix/data/aliases .

How to deal then with those two aliases files? Should I move the old
aliases from /etc/aliases to $prefix/data/aliases? How to keep it sync
with Mailman's aliases.db file?

Thanks in advance,
José A.

Jose Alfonso Accino
Universidad de Málaga
Dirección de Enseñanza Virtual                 http://www.ieev.uma.es
Bulevar Louis Pasteur, 33 - Edif. SCAI         Telf.: +34-5-213 29 44
29071  MALAGA (España)                         Fax:   +34-5-213 29 45

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