[Mailman-Users] What are your mnogosearch indexer.conf Server/Realm parameters?

James Madill James.Madill at duke.edu
Fri Jul 27 22:49:58 CEST 2001

I am trying to configure mnogosearch to index only the individual messages 
in the archives, both public and private.  I can use:

        Server http://xxxxxx.duke.edu/

to index standard web pages and

        Server http://xxxxxx.duke.edu/pipermail/ 

to generate an index for *all* of the files in the Mailman public 
archives.  My attempts at using Realm  to index just the individual 
messages has failed

        Realm Regex ^http://xxxxxx.duke.edu/pipermail/.*/[0-9]\.html
        Realm Regex ^http://xxxxxx.duke.edu/pipermail/.*/[0-9]\.html 
        Realm Regex ^http://xxxxxx.duke.edu/pipermail/

indexer does not seem to recognize any of them.

What are you using to index your archives for searching?

-- James

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