[Mailman-Users] set gid didn't work?

Amanda arandall at auntminnie.com
Tue Jun 5 17:58:04 CEST 2001

Well, you know, I read the docs six times... twice before getting started, once as I

was going through the process, and three more times after it broke, trying to figure

out what happened. It didn't get any more helpful.

What the install documentation says is:

[ --with-mail-gid=<group or groups>  Specify an alternative group for running
scripts via the mail wrapper. <group or groups> can be a list of one or more integer

group ids or symbolic group names. The first value in the list that resolves to an
existing group is used. By default, the value is the list "other daemon." This is
highly system dependent and you must get this right, because the group id is
compiled into the mail wrapper program for added security. On systems using
sendmail, the sendmail.cf configuration file designates the group id of sendmail
processes using the "DefaultUser" option.]

Great. So I'm not using sendmail, I'm using qmail. And it doesn't tell me WHICH
group I should be looking for. The readme.qmail doesn't specify which group id I
should be looking for either. All it tells me is "I must get this right." (That's a
LOT of help.) So I made my best SWAG, and apparently not only was I wrong, but the
group it tried to set it to (a) wasn't the one I specified, and (b) doesn't exist.

Just so you know, I am capable of RTFM ... I'm just not getting the information I
need out of it.

Next suggestion?

Harold Paulson wrote:

> Amanda,
> Reread the INSTALL documentation.  Everyone messes this up, so they
> put it in flashing neon red :)
>         - H
> >I'm trying to send messages to my test list and they're not going through. The
> >log is giving the following:
> >
> >Jun  4 16:49:58 tux Mailman mail-wrapper: Failure to exec script. WANTED gid
> >12, GOT
> >gid 401.  (Reconfigure to take 401?)
> >Jun  4 16:49:58 tux qmail: 991698598.174168 delivery 5: deferral:
> >Failure_to_exec_script._WANTED_gid_12,_GOT_gid_401.__(Reconfigure_to_take_401?)
> >
> >The kicker is, there *is* no group with gid 401. So I'm a little baffled...
> >What do I need to do to fix this?
> >
> >
> >Thanks,
> >=)
> >Amanda
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