[Mailman-Users] message with id #9 was lost

Barry A. Warsaw barry at digicool.com
Sun Jun 10 19:07:44 CEST 2001

>>>>> "EW" == Ed Wilts <ewilts at ewilts.org> writes:

    EW> I'm trying to clean up after mailman after a message was lost.
    EW> I tried to reject this posting, but after this failed, it now
    EW> seems to be stuck in a queue somewhere and is sending daily
    EW> reminders asking me to approve/reject this posting.  I know
    EW> the message is lost, but how can I get mailman to give up on
    EW> it permanently?  This is mailman 2.0.1 as supplied by Redhat
    EW> on RH Linux 7.1.

Just visit the admindb page.  You should see a message something like

    "Message with id #xxx was lost."

and this held message will just get discarded.  However, if the
message isn't truly lost, there will be a file in $prefix/data with
a name like


which contains the message being held.  If this file is there, then
Mailman should present it to you on the admindb page, and from there
you can reject, discard, etc. just as normal.  If you were to rm this
file, then you'd zap the database record by doing what's described


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