[Mailman-Users] This is unixstuff warning

JC Dill mailman at vo.cnchost.com
Wed Jun 13 18:59:30 CEST 2001

On 08:17 AM 6/13/01, Satya wrote:
 >On Jun 13, 2001 at 07:53, JC Dill wrote:
 >>There are too many people on the Internet these days who CAN NOT view all
 >>the message headers.  AOL hides many headers.  Hotmail hides many
 >>headers.  Yahoo hides many headers.  Even if there is some process the user
 >Opposite of what some others want.
 >The software that hides so many headers with no way of viewing them is

Yes, and AOL 6 is broken in that it doesn't (easily) let the sender send in 
Plain Text.  If 20% of your users use AOL 6, what are you going to 
do?  Whine that their software is broken, or install demime?

Which one will be the faster fix?

I'm all for griping at stupid software designers, but sometimes you need to 
design a solution on your end to deal with the stupid decisions made at the 
other end.

A footer with unsub information is a damn sight better than all the ads 
from ad supported lists.  I'm on a listbot list that I'm preparing to host 
just because I'm fed up with all the ads!


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