[Mailman-Users] This is unixstuff warning

Mel kd5de at nwla.com
Wed Jun 13 23:16:13 CEST 2001

Chuq Von Rospach wrote:
> Can I program a boot rom? nope. Can you? A virtual memory implementation?
> Why do some of us make the assumption that because someone is trained,
> technical or smart (choose whichever term you prefer) that this somehow
> endows them with the magical ability to use a computer or understand
> intuitively how stuff like mail lists work? We're trained in computers
> and mail lists and the internet. Just because someone has a technical
> background doesn't make them a computer person, any more than my
> background in computers makes me somehow able to read an EKG or run an
> MRI machine (hey, why not? they have computers in them).
> There seems to be an underlying attitude of "hey, this isn't brain
> surgery. Why do they find it difficult?"
> Here's a hint: if you don't have the training in this stuff, it IS brain
> surgery.
 Well said CVR; I normally don't reply to the list I am just
a innocent ISP that can program a boot rom. But  I must
admit that even after 9 years of Linux and 6 years as an ISP
I still get totally lost in the so called man pages, readme,
install and FAQ docs.

					Such is Life
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