[Mailman-Users] Moving mailman to a new machine

Gedaliah Wolosh gwolosh at njit.edu
Thu Jun 14 15:39:03 CEST 2001

Hi all,

I need to move mailman to a new machine.  Is there any reason I can't just tar
up the mailman home directory and unpack it on the new machine??  The original
machine will be taken out of service and the new machine will be given the same

My mailman installation is small at this point.  Only about 10 lists without
much activity.

Gedaliah Wolosh, Ph.D.				973 596-5437
New Jersey Institute of Technology		Fax 596-2306
323 King Blvd 	GITC 2203			gwolosh at njit.edu
Newark, NJ 07102

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