[Mailman-Users] Discard non-member postings automatically?

Phydeaux reb at taco.com
Thu Jun 21 18:22:21 CEST 2001

At 08:55 AM 6/21/2001 -0700, Amanda wrote:
>Go to your admin page and set it to allow posting from members only. :-)
>J B Bell wrote:
> > I recently converted a list to Mailman.  Unfortunately, it's a huge spam
> > target, and I get many messages a day from non-members.  Slogging through
> > and discarding them all is very annoying.  Is there any way to set a policy
> > of discarding non-member postings outright?

I'm sorry -- that's not what he wants.  When you allow posting from members
only, posts that do not meet the test are queued for the administrator. The
requested feature (I do not believe this is currently available -- I'd like it
too) is to auto-reject this kind of message, perhaps with a customizable
canned response, so the administrator does not have to deal with it.


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