[Mailman-Users] Re: The 386 PC and Linux

CJoe canario.joe at teleline.es
Sat Jun 23 11:16:40 CEST 2001

err, are you going to order a 386/486 ? ... you can find Pentiums
at  100-166  MHz  (which  run fast on Linux) for a few (very few)
dollars ...

Linux will run on 386/486s. As console (non-xwindows) it will run
with  8  Mb  of RAM. X-Windows requires more RAM (at least 16, 32
recommended).  X-Windows  on  a 386 ... mmhhh ... I would like to
see Mailman doing copies to 1 k users in a 386 ...

Linux+Mailman will run fast on a Pentium at 100 MHz with 64 Mb of
RAM.  The  suggested  Linux  distributions  (all include Mailman,
Postfix    or    Sendmail,   Python,   etc.)   may   be:   Debian
(www.debian.org)   which   is  the  real  GNU  Linux  and  RedHat
(www.redhat.com)  which  is  a ("capitalist pig" ? ;-) commercial


canario.joe at teleline.es
PD.  First  time  ever  I  hear the concept of a "communist think
tank".  None  of  the hardware/software mentioned above were ever
developed in a communist country. What about "gulag.org" ? hehehe

dagda at eircom.net

KC> Important question. Need to know today before I order. Do all
KC> versions of the Linux operating systems run on 386 and 486.If
KC> so what ones do? Much of the propaganda says that they can be
KC> run  on  a 386.If the cds with the operating system are up to
KC> gig and more how then can they operate from a 386.

KC> Karl

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