[Mailman-Users] spam filter?

Steven Nguyen SNguyen at PDIT.com
Wed Jun 20 04:36:20 CEST 2001


I just want to say I love your Mailman program ever since I tested it.  Just
one thing though, I notice you said it does integrated spam filters...  how
do you enable this feature?  Is it on by default?   Also I had created
several list for my known address such as postmaster at mydomain and
webmaster at mydomain to trap spam mail.  It caught tons of them. It already
gave me enough clue on whether or not I should read it just by the topic and
from address, but it's just a pain to go through 100+ trapped junk emails
(waiting for me to approve posting) and click discard one by one .  Can you
include a button on your next version or whenever to have Discard All
button?  Because what I did was I notice you have "Defer" by default...so I
skimmed through for the one I approve of ...then update changes...then go
back and click Discard one by one...which took a long while.  And also it
would be nice to have a button (Spam-listed) that will allow me to add that
piece of email address that I discard to a "bad email list of addresses" so
that should it recieve it again in the future, it can just do auto-discard
for me.  I think if you have this feature...it would knock the boots out of
all other competing listserv programs.  Thanks.

Steve N
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