[Mailman-Users] NNTP-Posting-Host not of the sender, in mail-news gateway

Giancarlo Pinerolo altroweb at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 00:38:04 CEST 2001

I had< people complaining that, in a list that is a
mail-news gateway, the NNTP_posting-host header does
not contain the IP address of the sender, but rather
the  name of the server running the mail-news gateway.

In practice I've been subtly accused of giving a way
to spammers to forward messages to a newsgroup through
the use of mailman.

Really I've no idea of who, where this header gets
written, because a message sent to e.g:

alt.gruop at my.server.com
is sent to the mail server at my.server.com before
being resent to the news server.

Where is the fault?

Should I configure sendmail differently or is there
anything that mailman misses in forming the headers?

Thanks for any help


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