[Mailman-Users] mail loop!

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Sat Jun 30 00:55:23 CEST 2001

Step 1 could be:  pull the Ethernet connection out of the machine.  Brutal,
but effective...your digest recipients will probably appreciate it.

Then...since clearing (sendmail's??) mail queue doesn't get rid of the
problem, it must be mailman doing the repeated sending.  See what you can
figure out about mailman's queue.

You may find an ASCII NUL (C end of string) character someplace in
mid-digest...if so consider tr as a quick fix.


At 13:59 -0700 6/29/2001, Michael Powe wrote:
>Panic!  My digest mail seems to be stuck in a loop and has sent the
>same mail at least 50 times.  It's still going.  I've deleted
>everything from /var/spool/mqueue, but it just repopulates.  The
>header is below.  What can I do to short-circuit this thing?  Thanks!

John Baxter   jwblist at olympus.net      Port Ludlow, WA, USA

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