[Mailman-Users] browser compatibility of admin interface?

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Sun May 20 00:48:02 CEST 2001

At 3:41 -0400 5/4/2001, Michael Dunston wrote:
>Has anyone used the OmniWeb 4.0 rc1 browser <www.omnigroup.com> with the
>admin pages?  Tonight I used it to remove a single user (by unchecking
>their 'subscr' option in the membership management section) and it
>unsubscribed every user (all 30) in that chunk of the membership list.

Sorry, I'm in "catch up" mode on this list, but this one seemed important
to answer.

Using a Mac OS X OmniWeb version of about that age, I looked--as a user--at
my own settings on one of our lists and noted that the radio buttons were
all off, although two should have been on.

At that point I should have muttered here and to Omni Group, but I didn't.
I did stop using OmniWeb for dealing with the Mailman pages.

[Because of the lateness of this response, I'll note that OmniWeb 4.0 final
is out for Mac OS X, and a 4.0.1 is expected "soon."
is where this is found.  I'll also note that issues like this are
surprising, given that Omni has been doing web browsers since roughly the
time that the Netscape crowd left NCSA.]


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