[Mailman-Users] Creating an announcement list?

Matt Staroscik mstaroscik at home.com
Sun May 27 12:06:06 CEST 2001

I'm trying to create a read-only list, where people can sign up to receive 
announcements and *can not post*, but I am not seeing an easy way to do 
this with mailman. At least not gracefully.

I have read the sections of the manual regarding the "reply_goes_to_list" 
and "hide sender" config options, but that looks like a kludge; someone can 
still address a message to the list manually. It looks like the only way to 
set up a read-only list is to require approval for all posts, and then just 
delete the messages that show up in the admin queue. (even if it's an 
announcement list, SOMEONE's gonna try posting anyway...)

I guess in the end this is what I want: a way to send messages to a list 
into a "black hole," except for those from a list of approved posters.

Sorry if this has been covered, but I have scoured the net tonight looking 
for answers and come up empty. The list I am planning on starting will 
probably have hundreds of people in it, and I really want to minimize the 
administrative chores.

Thanks in advance for any help.

mstaroscik at home.com

Matt Staroscik * KF6IYW * mstaroscik at home.com * http://wrongcrowd.com

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