[Mailman-Users] Postfix/Mailman breaks (somewhat) upon sending out to list of 300+ users

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Fri Nov 9 21:22:35 CET 2001

Nothing like the ghost in the machine making things work for you...

Could the original lock up be caused by your dad mucking about with the
lists via the web interface (and thereby putting a lock on the list...)?
Who knows... Keep us in the loop if you figure it out!

----- Original Message -----
> I went to bed and left root cron doing that restart. And in the morning
> mail going to the small lists (which I'm subscribed to) went out and I
> them all. That was my plan, I was happy. I was hoping someone would reply
to my
> messages with some magical fix for my dad's list.
> Then my dad called me all excited this morning saying that both emails to
> list of 300 went out to the remaining 257 list members (thats 514 emails
> total). But he said they didn't go out till nearly 7am. And I hadn't
> anything since around 1:30am. So it took 5.5 hours for it to process all
> that?! If so, was it that just that I was stopping that stuck qrunner
> every five minutes or was it a combination of that plus the new
> smtpd_recipient_limit variable that maade it go?

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