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Sheryl Coe web at
Thu Nov 8 17:54:37 CET 2001

To stop unsubscribers --

How about this script from another member of this list, if you use his 
script, which adds a password on the subscribe and then _don't_ allow users 
access to config, you have an unsubscribe-able list. Sounds like a 'bad 
thing' to me, but... schlad3, do you think we could have a snippet from 
your subscribe/unsubscribe script? You don't embed the password in the 
page, do you?

Sounds like these scripts would be a nice thing for me for another reason, 
my list members are already in password protected area, I hate to create a 
second set of passwords.

Sheryl Coe
(see below)

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>I was able to get around this by setting the same password for each
>addition to the list when they sign up, using a script, and then using
>another cgi script to send the unsubscribe emails with that same
>Its transparent, the user never knows the difference.
>Christopher Johnson
>schlade3 at

At 11:19 AM 11/05/2001, Josh Lothian wrote:
>Hi all,
>Quick question:  I've looked through most of the options available
>to a list admin, and I can't find one to disable the monthly password
>reminders.  I know this sounds like a bad idea, but we have a secretary
>who maintains quite a few mailing lists for out department, and we'd like
>to switch her over to mailman.  However, we probably don't want students
>to be able to unsubscribe themselves from certain of our announcement-type
>mailing lists.  Any ideas?  Am I missing something simple?
>Thanks much,
>Josh Lothian
>System Administrator
>University of Tennessee, Department of Computer Science
>Mailman-Users maillist  -  Mailman-Users at

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