[Mailman-Users] Domain-Aliases from bind make problems

Jonas Meurer jmeurer at gmx.de
Tue Nov 20 10:30:17 CET 2001

Hey ho,
I've installed mailman on my local server (server.server0.de).
But I've also declared aliases for server in bind, like mail.server0.de,
www.server0.de, etc.

But now, when I go to http://www.server0.de/mailman/admin it's no problem,
but http://www.server0.de/mailman/listinfo showes no lists.
http://server.server0.de/mailman/listinfo showes the upsetted lists.
How can I say mailman that www.server0.de and mail.server0.de are also valid
adresses for listinfo? The biggest problem is that the IP also
doesn't work. But I use iptables, and every inquiry to my webserver from the
inet is forwardet to So it isn't possible to see the lists from
the inet. I think that mailman fetches the adress from the url which is given
in the address-line. So www.server0.de etc. aren't valid. But how can I add
domains/ip-addr? I really wanna add them for mailman, not only for mailinglist
xyz. So, in which configuration-file can I add them, and how?


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