[Mailman-Users] False, and what not...

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Thu Nov 29 00:20:19 CET 2001

    Also in MM 2.0.8:

    Looking in Defaults.py, there's this section:

# Pipermail archives contain the raw email addresses of the posting
# Some view this as a goldmine for spam harvesters.  Set this to false
# moderately obscure email addresses, but note that this breaks mailto:
# in the archives too.

    The text above says, 'set this to false to moderately obscure email
addresses'.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that default setting
already set to false?  It's a bit confusing telling someone to set the
value to false if they want to obfuscate stuff when the setting is
already set that way.

    In my head 0 = false, 1 = true.

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