[Mailman-Users] Backing up Mailman list installations

Greg Ward gward at mems-exchange.org
Thu Nov 29 16:03:21 CET 2001

On 29 November 2001, Thomas T. Veldhouse said:
> My only problem with this is that it still leaves config.db for each list in
> a binary format.  So, I can not simply place it on a Linux platform and move
> the list from a FreeBSD platform which was running a different version of
> Python and a different version of Berkley DB.

Mailman ".db" files, despite the name, are *not* Berkeley DB files.
They are Python marshall files.  (In Mailman 2.1, they will be called
".pck" and become Python pickle files.)

In any event, I'm pretty sure they are platform independent.

Also, since when are Berkeley DB files platform-dependent?

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