[Mailman-Users] Public lists not advertised?

Akop Pogosian akopps at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Oct 2 12:18:52 CEST 2001

On Tue, 2 Oct 2001 eric-mailman at pretorious.net wrote:

> Hello:
> Lists set as "public" (i.e., archive_private = 0) aren't appearing in the
> listinfo page (though they do appear in the admin page). Is there a cure
> for this?
> --
> Eric P.
> Los Gatos, CA

I'd like to add that I am also seeing the same problem with 2.0.6. I
just upgraded to Mailman 2.0.6. The only odd thing about our setup is
that the web server and mail server are different machines. Mailman
installation lives in /opt/mailman on the mail server and is exported
to the web server over NFS with full read-write privileges. The
publicly advertised lists are not listed in /mailman/listinfo any
more. It used to work fine before the upgrade.


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