[Mailman-Users] post to a list via web

Darren Henderson darren at nighttide.net
Mon Oct 1 20:58:09 CEST 2001

Anyone know of an add-on/extension/contribution that will allow folks to
post to a mailing list via the web interface, preferably inside
pipermail's display (ie reply to this message, post new message kind of
thing coming from the person logged in and not via a single gateway

Have a user who wants to bend mailman a bit so that it provides some of
the functionality of e-groups, smartgroups etc. Suprisingly, there don't
seem to be a lot of projects out there that allow this kind of thing, at
least that I've found. Apparently due in part to the goal of using
bbs/community discussion software to keep users coming back to a site.

There are obviously things like usenet/mailing list gateways but being
thats a bit much plus would want to take advantage of the user
id's/passwords that Mailman is already maintaining.

I'm not very up on python but I would assume that this wouldn't be an
overly daunting extension. Could use a different mail archive package like
hypermail which has the ability but then you wouldn't, as far as I can
see, be able to have the same thing for a private archive. No way to take
advantage of the user id and password etc.

Thoughts or alternatives appreciated.

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