[Mailman-Users] Archive issue - more info needed

Ashley M. Kirchner ashley at pcraft.com
Thu Oct 11 20:16:02 CEST 2001

Camel wrote:

> does someone have a specific example of the correct settings
> or lines in the httpd.conf file (v.8x or v.9x) - I have a feeling there needs
> to be a secondary directive beyond just Alias /listname/pipermail/
> "/var/www/mailman/archive/[public or private]/"
> the physical archives are where they belong - just no one can access them...

    This is from my (custom) install for lists.yeehaw.net.  Note that you do not
need the DocumentRoot directive per se.  I just have it in there because I have
other stuff going on.  The same goes for the /errors Alias and Directory option.

ServerAdmin mailman at lists.yeehaw.net
DocumentRoot /usr/people/mailman/lists.yeehaw.net/www/
ServerName lists.yeehaw.net
ScriptAlias /mailman/ "/usr/people/mailman/lists.yeehaw.net/cgi-bin/"
Alias /pipermail/ "/usr/people/mailman/lists.yeehaw.net/archives/public/"
Alias /icons/ "/usr/people/mailman/lists.yeehaw.net/www/icons/"
<Directory "/usr/people/mailman/lists.yeehaw.net/archives/public/">
 Options FollowSymLinks
 AllowOverride None
Alias /errors/ "/usr/people/mailman/lists.yeehaw.net/www/errors/"
<Directory /usr/people/mailman/lists.yeehaw.net/www/errors>
  Options Includes
ErrorDocument 500 /errors/500.shtml
ErrorDocument 404 /errors/404.shtml
ErrorDocument 403 /errors/403.shtml
ErrorLog logs/errors_log.lists.yeehaw.net
CustomLog logs/access_log.lists.yeehaw.net combined

    Also, make sure the permissions on those directories (archives,
archives/private, and archives/public) are set properly.

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