[Mailman-Users] searchable archives?

Jimmy McDonald jimmy at merl.com
Thu Oct 11 21:45:36 CEST 2001

I have a couple more questions before I start trying this out.

The mailman server is an internal server and cannot
be accessed from the outside world so I plan to
push the archives outside the firewall every night.

If I install mailman with the htdig patch on my web
server (and not run sendmail) will this work or does the
htdig information get processed as a message is archived?
If so, can the htdig database be pushed as well?


>>I have a mailman list that keeps archives and
>>someone wants me to make those archives
>>searchable via a web browser.
>>Is there a way mailman can do this?
>>Any other thoughts?
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>The following patches integrate the htdig (http://www.htdig.org/) search 
>engine with Mailman.
>The main features of the patch, from its sourceforge summary are:
>1. per list search facility with a search form on the
>list's TOC page.
>2. maintenance of privacy of private archives which
>requires the user to establish their credentials via
>the normal private archive access before any access
>via htdig is allowed.
>3. a common base URL for both public and private
>archive access via htsearch results so that htdig
>indices are unaffected by changing an archive from
>private to public and vice versa. All access to
>archives via htdig is controlled by a new wrapped cgi-
>bin script called htdig.py.
>4. a new cron activated script and extra crontab entry
>which runs htdig regularly to maintain the per list
>search indices.
>5. automatic creation, deletion and maintenance of
>htdig configuration files and such. Beyond installing
>htdig and telling Mailman where it is via mm_cfg you
>do not have to do any other setup. Well not quite you
>do have to set up a single per installation symlink to
>allow htdig to find the automatically generated per
>list htdig configuration files.

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