[Mailman-Users] NEED HELP

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Sun Oct 14 18:46:42 CEST 2001

On Sunday 14 October 2001 05:47, Imtiaz A. Chaudhry wrote:
> Hello Amigos,
> I am very new to mailman using majordomo and smartlist from last five
> years. I need your help to solve a problem.
> Is it possible real time posting? no moderated list.
> I configured the mailman menu but all messages come to admin address for
> approval. We need real time posting so how is it possible any document or
> manual ???
> Please write me at chaudhry at tabunka.org
> Best Regards,
> Imtiaz Chaudhry

Mailman pretty much defaults to non-moderated.  You have to change the 
default config of a list to make it moderated.

What is the reason given for holding the message?  It should clearly tell 
you why the message was held (and not passed on immediately to the list).

Make sure the list is not "moderated", and make sure that you are sending 
directly to the list (not bcc-ing) the list.

This should be fairly easy to fix. 

Jon Carnes

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