Changing Header - Old Posting: [Mailman-Users] Dummyfunction "Newsletter"

Bart Frackiewicz bart.frackiewicz at
Fri Oct 19 18:04:50 CEST 2001

Jon (and all other Mailman-Friends!!!!),

this morning i thougth that i have solved this problem, but after a
telephone call i know that my customer means something other:

This is the original Header:

  Sender: Newsletter-admin at

appears in Outlook as

  From: Newsletter-admin at; im Auftrag von; Bart Frackiewicz
[bart.frackiewicz at]

("im Auftrag von" means in englisch something like "in mission of") but
we want something like

  Sender: "Newsletter Service" [Newsletter-admin at] (or with <>
i am not sure)

and IMHO this must looks like

  From: Newsletter Service im Auftrag von; Bart Frackiewicz
[bart.frackiewicz at].

Have i some chance to change this Header Information? I have no problem
to write some shell scripts or to change some mailman source code, but i
have no idea where i must this!!! :-)

Thanks for your help

Bart Frackiewicz

---------------- Old Posting ---------------------------

> > 1) Is it possible to change the Sender-Header from
> >   Sender: newsletter at domain
> > to
> >   Sender: "Newsletter Service" <newsletter at domain>
> > so that in most Mail Programs the "Newsletter Service" appear?
> You can certainly send it directly from your workstation with

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