Changing Header - Old Posting: [Mailman-Users] Dummyfunction "Newsletter"

J C Lawrence claw at
Fri Oct 19 21:35:16 CEST 2001

On Fri, 19 Oct 2001 18:04:50 +0200 
Bart Frackiewicz <bart.frackiewicz at> wrote:

> Jon (and all other Mailman-Friends!!!!), this morning i thougth
> that i have solved this problem, but after a telephone call i know
> that my customer means something other:

> This is the original Header:

>   Sender: Newsletter-admin at

> appears in Outlook as

>   From: Newsletter-admin at; im Auftrag von; Bart
> Frackiewicz [bart.frackiewicz at]

> ("im Auftrag von" means in englisch something like "in mission
> of") but we want something like

>   Sender: "Newsletter Service" [Newsletter-admin at] (or
> with <> i am not sure)

> and IMHO this must looks like

>   From: Newsletter Service im Auftrag von; Bart Frackiewicz
> [bart.frackiewicz at].

This would require the Sender field to accept a GECOS fileld. While
while allowed by RFC 2822 which defines the Sender header as:

  sender = "Sender:" mailbox CRLF
  mailbox = name-addr/addr-spec
  name-addr = [display-name] angle-addr
  angle-addr = [CFWS] "<" addr-spec ">" [CFWS] / obs-angle-addr

is not supported by any MTA or MUA that I've run across here.

Note:  I don't have Outlook.

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