[Mailman-Users] mail to list in loop

Sandra sandra at ccuec.unicamp.br
Fri Oct 26 20:10:26 CEST 2001


    We had a problem yesterday with a mail in a list from Mailman that
was in loop.  The message was sent during all the day until we could see
what was wrong. I had to stop
the postfix system, and I was trying to remove the message from deferred
and other queues,
because I was planing to start it again and then the message could have
   But for my suprise the message was being put in maildrop queue even
with the postfix
stopped. Then I saw that the owner of the message was mmm (the user that
starts apache).
Then I killed httpd and the message was not created any more.
   Please, does Anyone has any clue about it?  Which is the
relationsheep about httpd and Mailman?
 And about loop messages?I was looking at mailman-archives, and there
are some people who had this problem in the past.

Thanks a lot - Sandra

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