[Mailman-Users] Old Question, New Twist

David Pierron linux at wombatsweb.com
Fri Oct 26 21:13:18 CEST 2001

At 01:27 PM 10/26/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm that one that's done the last couple of Mandrake .rpm's for
>Mandrake.  Let me help you out.

Speaking as a newbie .. Thank you ...

>On Thursday, Oct 25, 2001, David Pierron wrote:
> > My first initial problem was with smrsh but overcame that with a symbolic
> > link ...
>First question, is smrsh a sendmail thing?  What is it exactly?

Yeah, it's a sendmail thing ...  creating a sym link to it from wrapper 
fixes it ...

> > My problem is the age old:
> > Failure to exec script. WANTED gid 99, GOT gid 12. (Reconfigure to take 
> 12?)
> > 554 5.3.0 unknown mailer error 2
>The reason for this is easy.  Since Mandrake installs the Postfix MTA by
>default (you have to go out of your way to use sendmail instead), that's
>how the .rpm configures Mailman during the build.  Postfix delivers mail
>as gid nobody (99), while sendmail delivers mail as gid 12 (mail).
>Unfortnately, you can't build an .rpm for both ways.  Since Postfix is
>the default (and recommended) MTA, that's the one I went with.
>Now, even though Mailman is in the 'contribs' portion of Mandrake (read:
>not supported), there is one possible solution to this.  I could make 2
>seperate packages, say a mailman-postfix and a mailman-sendmail, and
>make them conflict with each other so someone could only have 1
>installed.  Then people could install the one that right for them.
>How's that sound?
>Of course, you could just rebuild from source on your own, but I find
>.rpm's MUCH more convenient (IMHO).  Could you wait a bit so that I can
>make a mailman-sendmail .rpm so you could test it?  I'd appreciate it.
>Hope I clarified a few things here.

Well .. I don't know about testing it unless I bring up another box cause I 
don't want to mess with what I've done ...  I re-installed the whole thing 
using all defaults because of the comments made on this list about Sendmail 
v. Postfix so I decided that I would try it as is and see if I meet 
limitations down the road ... I'm all MS now but learning Linux ...  The 
RPM for Mailman went in fine using a default Mandrake distro, so I'll leave 
it that way for now ... everything working fine ...  some tweaks to make 
though ...  I don't know how RPMs work, but it would be great if you could 
pass the default domain name and URL ... I still have one email address 
showing up with bi.mandrake.com ...

So anyway, after using Mandrake as it was designed, and finding out the 
difference between Cooker and no Cooker, the Mailman RPM went in without 
hitch and worked fine right out of the box ...  Thanks ...  Being a newb, I 
really appreciate it when things go as expected and easily ...

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