[Mailman-Users] Problem

Vania Lolham vlolham at bigpond.net.au
Mon Oct 29 11:23:13 CET 2001

If it's site pass just run "mmsitepass" and enter the new
If it's list pass for admin then here what I would do:

hack it :)
1-create a new site call it test
2-enter the password for the list
3- open the config.db of the test list and search for
4- in front of it you will see something like this
"QI35687p7U193s"  write it down .
5- now open config.db of the site you forgot the password,
and overwrite the password with the above string you wrote
Now the password of your site should be same as test site.

Good Luck


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> Hello.
> I am running a mailman list on sourceforge and i have
> my admin passwd. How to get it again? i cant find any
> Thanks in advance.
> Markus.
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