[Mailman-Users] Mailman 2.0.4 autoreply loop, headers ignored?

Peter Bootsma p.bootsma at qualityresearch.nl
Wed Oct 31 10:09:05 CET 2001

Markus Mohr wrote on Aug 15 about a mail loop undetected by Mailman while
the looping messages included :

>X-Autoreply-From: <his mailaddress>
>Precedence: bulk
>X-BeenThere: <mailinglist address>

Markus: "If I understood correctly each of this lines should have stopped
mailman from resending his answer to the list!? It didn't though and so
created a lot of unwanted mails. :( I couldn't find a trigger in the
configuration to change this behaviour."

We had two similar mail loops last week on two of our Mailman 2.0.4 lists,
both triggered by the same subscriber. The X-Autoreply-From header was
absent though, but the Precedence and X-BeenThere headers appeared as
reported by Markus.

Any insights, or a hint how to prevent more loops of this kind? Thanks!

Peter Bootsma

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