[Mailman-Users] bad address holding up entire list

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Sat Sep 1 01:06:32 CEST 2001

Hi Folks:  I am having a problem which I've had once or twice before
but have never found a solution for.  First of all I am running exim
as my mta and mailman 2.0.6.  I am not exactly sure whether it's a
mailman problem or an exim configuration problem.

This particular list is a fairly high traffic list usually between 30
and 70 messages a day.  I noticed I hadn't received any mail from the
list in about a day and thought that very odd indeed.  The only error
I find is in smtp-failure.  The message reads something to the affect

451 mail at address (Cannot access <mail at address> at this time - please
try again later).

I see this error/warning over and over in the smtp-failure file.  I
have removed the address from the mailing list but I suspect because
there is mail already queued to go out the address is still blocking
the list.

I have checked the exim logs and they just say that the incoming mail
is successfully deliver to the mailman wrapper.

Any suggestions would greatefully be accepted.  My list members are
screaming and I can't find a solution short of editing the messages in
the queue but that would be a real pain.


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