[Mailman-Users] umbrella list issues

Mark Tearle mtearle at tearle.com
Wed Sep 5 05:56:50 CEST 2001

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, James Ashton wrote:

> I'm just automating about 50 lists with mailman and, as far as I can tell
> from the documentation and archives of this list, there are problems with
> umbrella lists.  Am I correct in assuming that mailman (as of 2.0.5) doesn't
> treat umbrella lists differently except in the way it addresses reminders to
> the list owner?  If so this would seem to have some major drawbacks:
[1] > *  Duplicate emails to members of multiple sub-lists
> *  Modification of the subject line and addition of footers by multiple
> lists in a list hierarchy.
[3] > *  Requirement to authorise messages to umbrella lists multiple times.
> The last one is a real killer for us.  Say I set a 40KB limit for all lists
> and then want to authorise a larger message sent to an overall master list
> which has nearly 30 sub-lists nested up to three levels deep.  It looks to
> me like I'm going to need to authorise the same email 30 times!
> I've seen discussion on this subject in this list's archives with a
> suggestion for mailman umbrella lists to properly understand sub-lists.
> This would mean having mailman expanding list membership for umbrella lists
> in a single step rather than just sending email to each of the mailman
> sub-lists.  This would solve all of the above problems.  Has anyone
> implemented this and/or are there plans to integrate this into future
> mailman versions?

See my patch/code that does something similar (solves 1 and 3) at:

Of course, this is against 2.1a3 so YMMV.

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