[Mailman-Users] foreign languages

Ben Burnett benwa at ocentrix.com
Mon Sep 10 09:48:31 CEST 2001

At 07:55 PM 9/9/01 +0200, Gady wrote:
>I am building a mailing list in Hebrew.
>The users' html pages are customizable and it works fine.
>though I wish it would be more customizable.
>The main problem is that the auto-email messages (like the
>confirmation of subscription -- request) come in English and it's NOT
>Can someone give me an idea?


You should post a message to the mailman-i18n at python.org mailing 
list.  That is the list where different language packs for Mailman are 
being discussed.

Mailman-i18n mailing list

I haven't seen anyone posting there about Hebrew specifically, but I do 
know that there are some people on the list that can help you find all the 
little bits that need translating.  For starters however you can change a 
lot of the text that Mailman sends out in it's auto reply email by editing 
all of the files in the templates directory.  Some of these files are used 
as templates for the list specific html pages that you can edit through 
each lists admin interface.  Changing them will only affect the lists you 
make after the changes are made, so this might be a good way to avoid 
translating them each time you make a list.  The rest of the templates are 
files that are sent out at different times to various people by 
Mailman.  These ones are shared by all of the lists so if you change them 
they'll affect all lists no matter when they are created.  If you read each 
of the files it should be pretty evident when they are sent out and what 
they are for even if the name isn't all that clear.

Good luck,


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