[Mailman-Users] full name field

Ian Darwin ian at darwinsys.com
Wed Sep 12 21:07:58 CEST 2001

Is this the most-requested feature, or what? People have been
asking for it (see the archives) for years. If I were a typical
whiner I'd ask "Why not just put it in?", but as a freeware
developer I know better -- I just don't know Python well
enough yet. :-)  But hey, it really would be nice
to have this feature.  (Full disclosure: my wife who
maintains a couple of lists on my site keeps asking for it too).

One of the emails in the archive asks "what are the issues?"
My first cut is that (at the very least) one would need to add
an option for this on a per-list basis, then change 
the way the list is stored to include this info (includes handle the 
"missing data" case gracefully for backwards compatibility), modify the way
"bulk input" is parsed, and modify the HTML form both
for end-user signup and the HTML that displays the membership list.
Oh, and add an item like "Display full name in
list if not logged in as administrator" in the privacy options.
And test it.

And I presume there's actually more than that; this is just
a shot from the hip (in case anybody's wondering why it hasn't
happened yet).

Ian Darwin
ian at darwinsys.com

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