[Mailman-Users] Virtual hosting and mailman

Bill Thorson thorson at metlogic.com
Wed Sep 19 22:02:14 CEST 2001

Rahul Sinha wrote:

>Well, the only prob is I use sendmail, so there is no /etc/vmail, and
>thats the part that is broken....
>The website works fine, mail can be sent into the virtual domained
>addresses fine, mailman just can't send any mail...

I use sendmail too.  Mine is on a default, unchanged Redhat 7.1 system. 
you need to use linuxconf to set these things up.  Look at the menu I 
get when
I run linuxconf's mailconf module; /sbin/mailconf

      Sendmail configurator
      This package allows you to configure
      Sendmail, the mail delivery system

       Configure  basic information
                  special (domain) routing
                  complex (user) routing
                  masquerading rules
                  mail to fax gateway
                  virtual email domain
       Manage     the mail queue
       Setting    user aliases
                  virtual domain user aliases
                  Virtual POP accounts (mail only)
       Generate   /etc/sendmail.cf
                    Anti-spam filters
       Setting    Rejected senders
                  'Relay for' by IP
                  'Relay for' by name
                  Relay to hosts

I used "Virual email domain" to add my virtual domain.  Then you can use
"virtual domain user aliases" to add the specific mailman aliases or you
can add them by hand in the proper /etc/vmail/aliases.DOMAIN file.

Hope this helps.


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