[Mailman-Users] subscription-problem / qmail-to-mailman

Florian Munz surf at theflow.de
Sat Sep 22 19:27:21 CEST 2001


I'm new to Mailman and I've tried to install it today. I use qmail as MTA
and I created a virtual domain for Mailman. I use the qmail-to-mailman
script and have the following problem:

I can create a new list, everything works fine, the admin-page, the
list-info-page. But if I try to subscribe to the list I still get the
confirmation-mail. But when I reply to this, nothing happens. No
welcome-mail and on the admin-page aren't any subscriptions listed. The
subscribe-log shows:

Sep 22 17:26:40 2001 (9389) test: pending surf at theflow.de

In the pending_subscriptions.db the mail-adress is also listed.

What can be wrong? Permission-problem? check_perm reports no error. Do you
need additional information?

Thanks in advance,


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