[Mailman-Users] restricting html posts and attachments

57j 57j at starband.net
Sun Sep 23 05:05:44 CEST 2001

According to the webpage, demime seems to be an add on for Majordomo. If it
is also available for MailMan I might be interested in using it in the
future. For now I would like to bounce html posts and attachments. Is there
anyway to do this with MailMan list?

Thanks, Cathy

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> I am changing hosting services and am converting a couple of email lists
> from majordomo to mailman. I currently use the regexps listed below in the
> taboo headers/body section of the majordomo config file. Can someone tell
> the correct way to translate these for use in the mailman Privacy - Bounce
> matching headers section?

Instead of restricting such posts, I neuter them.


Snarfs the *TEXT* of the message, tosses the rest of the crap.

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