[Mailman-Users] FreeBSD + Mailman 2.06 + Sendmail problem.

Bruno G. Albuquerque bga at bug-br.org.br
Mon Sep 24 21:23:31 CEST 2001


    I'm not sure if this is the right place to look for help, but I hope so. 
I running Mailman in a FreeBSD box with sendmail as the MTA and I'm having a 

   The queued files are taking *AGES* to get processed. For instnce, since 
yesterday I have 35 *.msg files in the qfiles dir and no email has been 
delivered to the list in this period. Looking at the dates in the lock files, 
I can see that qrunner is actually taking some minutes to run 5 to 10, but 
after it finishes running it looks it did nothing at all (no emails are 
delivered)! I couldn't find anything relevant in the qrunner log file.

    BTW, I did read the FAQ and I saw the first answer in the FAQ may be the 
answer to my problem, but I scanned the sendmail.cf file from top to bottom 
and couldn't find an option to configure the DNS resolution. Anyway, qrunner 
seems to be the problem as it simply does nothign after running.

    Any ideas?


Bruno G. Albuquerque     bga at bug-br.org.br     BeDevId #15362
      Grupo Brasileiro de Usuarios de BeOS - Presidente

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