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Jock Coats jock.coats at jcsolutions.co.uk
Mon Apr 1 01:25:28 CEST 2002

CJ Rhoads wrote:

>First off, I'd like to thank you heartily for the work that you (and other,
>I assume) have done on Mailman.  It is wonderful.
>I noticed on the wish list a couple of things that I had hoped Mailman can
>do.  I'd like to verify that the current version cannot do these things and
>find out if there is a workaround.  Alternatively, perhaps I misunderstood
>and simply need to know what I need to do in order to accomplish my
>1.  I want my subscribers to be able to subscribe with an email so I can
>ask them for their email and have my web page automatically subscribe them
>(after replying to a confirmation email, of course.  Just like Yahoo groups
Funny enough I just did this last night for a project.  I'm no great 
shakes as a coder so there may be other ways of doing it but I put the 
following HTML into a web page:

<form target="_blank" Method=POST 
<span class="pn-normal">Subscribe to our<br>
Campaign 2002<br>
infolist -</span><br>
<span class="pn-title">Working to Win!</span><br><br>
<span class="pn-normal">Your email address:</span><br>
<input type="Text" name="email" size="15"><br>
<input type="hidden" name="pw" value="password">
<input type="hidden" name="pw-conf" value="password">
<input type="hidden" name="digest" value="0">
<input type="Submit" name="email-button" value="Subscribe"><br><br>
or <a href="http://www.domain.org/mailman/listinfo/listname" 
target="_blank"><strong>CLICK HERE</strong></a> for information about 
the list.

See it in action at http://wwwoxfordlibdems.org.uk/

>2.  I want to be able to suppress all the long headers sent out in the
>messages.  Most of my subscribers are totally computer illiterate and that
>long page of addresses and useful information will just confuse the heck
>out of them.  I wouldn't mind having it at the bottom, but currently they
>have to scroll to see the actual message - which is not optimum.
I don't see them.  Unless in Netscape Mail I turn on all headers.  And I 
would never do that unless I particularly want to trace something.  It's 
only four extra lines isn't it over and above a lot of headers that your 
users will be seeing on a zillion other ordinary e-mails?  Tell them to 
switch off all headers.

>Can you help?
Hope that helps



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