[Mailman-Users] htdig + 2.0.8

Dirk Dettmering mailman-ml at dettmering.org
Tue Apr 2 00:35:59 CEST 2002


Jonas Meurer <jonas at freesources.org> wrote:
> I'm running self-compiled mailman-2.0.8.
> (/home/mailman/mailman-2.0.8).
> Now I want to install the patch for htdig.
> but which patch is the right for 2.0.8. And then? Simply copying it
> to
> ~/mailman-2.0.8 and type 'patch -p1 patchfile' doesn't make
> anything.
> If I look at the patchfile it looks like run one dir over
> mailman-2.0.8.
> And there are two src-dirs. mailman-2.0.8-index and
> mailman-2.0.8-htdig.
> Isn't there a step-by-step doc what to do? Or do I have to patch
> manually?

You need to patch the sources of mailman.
If you use Redhat and postfix you can use my modified mailman rpm 
package (its the original redhat package patched with both patches and 
repackaged with the name mailman-htdig to avoid the overwriting be 

If you want to use them with sendmail do the following:
rpm -i mailman-htdig-2.0.8-1.src.rpm
cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
edit mailman-htdig.spec with the editor of your choice and change lines 
22 and 23:
%define mailgroup mail
%define mailgid   12
Then rebuild the packages with rpm -ba mailman-htdig.spec.

Everything without any warranty!



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