[Mailman-Users] Traffic with a large list

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Tue Apr 2 15:42:53 CEST 2002


Assuming an average message size of 10 KB, and an average of 75 e-mails per day,
mailman will be sending out:

0.01 x 75 x 5000 = 3750MB = 3.75 GB per day

(i.e. mail_size_in_MB x mail_per_day x no_of_members)

That works out to 112.5 GB per month.

I suspect your ISP will want to charge you a lot of extra for that kind of
bandwidth usage....

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> Mailman is pre-installed with web-hosting I have.  I'm considering
> moving a large active list to it.  There are currently over 5000 members
> on the Yahoogroups list,  with 50-100 messages a day, fully-moderated by
> a panel of moderators.  I feel sure mailman could cope with the volumes,
> but can anyone give me a feel for the bandwidth involved with a list of
> this size?
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